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Who are you and what do you do?

Most people simply call me Mike.

My given name is Michael, it`s even in my passport…LOL!

I`m a recording artist and perfomer.

Out in the streets they call it rapper, spitter or “Master of Ceremony”.

I dig poetry, literature, vocals, rhythm, melodies and dance. Those elements always managed to hold my attention more than almost everything else. I`t tell you why it`s like that but that`s just how things are with me. Music gets me high…

It soothes pain and discomfort, helps me to understand the world and also challenges me to be creative. Everybody has his or her way of getting in tune with the soul and mine is music. That`s just how it is. I can`t change that and I still don`t know why.

Why do you do what you do?

What´s your background?

Artistically speaking or in general? 

What´s integral to the work of an artist?

Well from my understanding, an integral part of something is something that is necessary to complete the whole.
So in that case, I would have to say setting a definite goal and being very consistent and persistent in achieving that goal. I`ve seen a lot of very talented folks who never had a clear definition of where they want to go to 

with all that talent and energy. I have to admit that me myself, I’m not innocent in that sense either.

To sum it up,

understand where you want to go with your art, be persistent and don`t stop until you get there. One has to be at the right time with the right energy and product.

What role does the artist have in Society

The artist has a very crucial role in society. He holds up a mirr -or and helps us

reflect on what type of world we`re living in. It`s like when you dress up for a certain event or occasion.

Wouldn`t you want to check out how you look like before living your crib?

An artist should be an honest messenger, whether it`s a good or bad message.

What art do you most identify with?

Rhythm and Blues, Jazz, Reggae and everything that originates from those roots.

What´s your strongest memory of your childhood?

Living Kenya for Europe and looking through a window, watching a snow storm at Moscow Airport transit area. I will never forget that noise the wind made and how eerie a new environment feels like when you`re a kid. 

What´s your favorite art work?

Rolling on Chrome” by APHRODELICS. 

What jobs have you done... other than being an artist?

Almost everything you can possibly think of, except selling drugs, doing porn or murder for hire...ya dig? LOL... 

Why art?

It`s the only space where race, gender or creed doesn`t matter at all. 

What food, drink, song inspires you?

Dishes with Fish,Veggies and Couscous.

Long Island IceTea always takes me beyond the sun, moon and stars You have to be a wizard to mix it the right way tho.

I don`t advise anybody to mess with it on a regular basis. That drink is ridiculous!!!

I love that song "Diamonds on the sole of her shoes by "Paul Simon"

What do you dislike about the art world?

I hate it when people mix their “Art” with personal and private bullshit. Too many unnecessary ego moves that mess up opportu- nities. I value work more than the person behind it. When you end up in a hospital after a bad accident and you’re life is on the line, you want that team to save you regardless of their personal emotional trashcans and whatnots right? And that’s how i view Art. It`s a service to whomever needs it. Knowledge and skill is something that also should be shared. It takes a vil- lage to raise a child. Children are the future. I wish more artists would think that way. 

Should art be funded?


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